The FuseMetrix Group Career

The FuseMetrix Group is made up of three main companies, Web Office Systems, We Are BIG Media and We Deliver Sales.

Web Office Systems are the makers of FuseMetrix, the leading cloud based ERP system specially designed for the SME market. The company was established in 2002 and has grown slowly but steadily over the years. With an ever increasing demand for your solutions we are now growing rapidly and are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join the team.

We Are BIG Media, the specialist design and development company design and building e-commerce websites, customer portals, apps and graphic design. We integrate our websites with FuseMetrix, using our own bespoke CMS system you can control your website via FuseMetrix as well as many other aspects you need to run a business.

We Deliver Sales, does what it says on the tin, provides a fully integrated, end to end business development solution. With over 30 years' expertise, we specialise in telemarketing, video production, digital marketing, event management and promotion and PR.

Coming for an Interview with the FuseMetrix Group

Our Offices

If you are reading this we hope you are considering coming to begin your career with us, The FuseMetrix Group. The best way to find us is to either visit our website or send us your CV to

The Interview

The aim of the interview is to inform you about The FuseMetrix Group and to see whether your personality will fit our company, whilst also discussing your salary expectations and availability to suit both of us!

Straight to the point! We are a focused, intelligent, fast moving company. When you arrive for your interview you will meet with one of the Management team and your interview will take place. Be yourself, be calm and enjoy it, you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you!!

If you have applied for a Developer Role you will be expected to take a technical test within your interview with us.

How does the process of selection work at FuseMetrix Group?

We will respond to your email regarding a role with us within 48 hours, if it is applicable we will arrange an interview time that suits you

We run a productive and relaxed type interview to ensure you are comfortable in our environment and vice versa. From your interview we will both know where you will begin in the company and therefore know opportunities we have to help you grow within the group. We are fast growing which means there are always areas for progression across all departments for you aspire to achieve.

What to Expect

  • Happy, hard-working environment
  • Positive attitudes
  • Friendly staff members
  • Clean and tidy offices
  • Opportunities for career progression
  • Challenging environment
  • Smartly dressed employees

What Not to Expect

  • Rude behaviour between staff
  • Lack of appreciation of hard work and talent
  • Politics
  • Lack of professionalism in the office

What happens after the interview?

If we feel your interview has been successful we will ask you to sit in our waiting room whilst we discuss with the management team and consider an offer of employment or if this is not possible at the time we will arrange a time to call you with our decision. Any verbal offer will be followed up with your contract in writing a few days after, along with contact details, your start date and salary details. Should you have any questions prior to your start date please do not hesitate to contact us.

The FuseMetrix Group Company Values

We assume that the FuseMetrix Group employees:

  • Would like to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Would like to grow within their roles in the group
  • Would like to be part of the FuseMetrix Group that is continuously growing
  • Know that we appreciate them and want the best for all of our employees
  • Understand that exciting and challenging tasks are far more important than formal statuses
  • Require qualified feedback on their work and a salary corresponding to their input

To help our employees achieve the above we:

  • Create the job role that suits the employee
  • Do not confine our employees to narrow career paths
  • Encourage employees to contribute to company plans and new ideas
  • Agree challenging but achievable goals and trust the employee will do everything they can to reach them
  • Provide financial support for technical, personal and professional development
  • Encourage all staff members to par-take in group/company activities/days

We have high standards and expect our employees to:

  • Talk to us when they need advice
  • Look to enhance the performance of the company
  • Show interest in the group
  • Be polite to all colleagues and managers
  • Understand that if they help our clients, they are helping the company therefore we will help them
  • Take their own initiative to develop their personal skills
  • Work individually and as a team
  • Share knowledge with colleagues
  • Be honest at all times

What's it like to work at The FuseMetrix Group?

We work hard and we get the job done, but it is a lot of fun!

We are a group that gives clients opportunities to improve and enhance their business in all areas. We are a company providing website design and development, integrating our bespoke CRM system to all types and sizes of companies and therefore we hope to enhance sales through our telemarketing and networking events we host.

We are growing, and fast!

Web office systems began in 2002 in a garden shed with 2 employees. We now have 3 main companies within the FuseMetrix Group, 2 offices and we are fast approaching 50 employee's. We hope you are our next one!

We have implemented FuseMetrix nationally in Manchester, Leeds, Snowdonia, London and surrounding areas. We have also recently begun projects overseas in Singapore. We are very excited to have opportunities to implement FuseMetrix into America and the Middle East very soon!

Just getting together

Every year we choose a local charity to sponsor and throughout the year we have internal events, friendly competitions to raise money for our chosen charity. These can include poker evenings, bake off challenges, fancy-dress at work and many more.

Progress your Career with The FuseMetrix Group

There are various roles within the FuseMetrix Group and within each individual company, however all companies work closely together and are spread across two offices that are very close to each other.

We look for exceptional people and believe that attitude, personality and experience is more important than technical qualifications. Hard-work, evaluation and reward is based on your efforts to the company, your own input to your role and your commitment to the company and your colleagues. There is support and room for personal, professional and role progression and growth within the FuseMetrix Group. As a rapidly growing team we have opportunities for people with varied skill sets.

Our goal is to always ensure our employees grow with us and we want to help create a role that is for you and your skills! It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you end up that counts! You can begin your career with us at any role within the company and grow in any direction that suits you best!

There is no hierarchy within the group, we will place you where your skill set lies!

Please see below an example of how to progress your career with us

Benefits of working with The FuseMetrix Group

The FuseMetrix Group values your respect and at FuseMetrix you drive your own career.

Hard-work, evaluation and reward is based on your efforts to the company, your own input to your role and your commitment to the company and your colleagues.

Our benefits package:

  • Initially 20 days annual holiday (increasing with length of service) + Bank Holidays
  • Company Pension Scheme
  • Private Healthcare
  • Hours of work 9:00am-5:30pm
  • 1 Hour Lunch Break
  • Opportunities for international travel
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